Included in every race we time:

  • Race director consultation

  • Event Timing, chip or manual timing

  • Finish line set-up including banner, clock, and chute

  • Race results printed in real-time. Post-race results are provided for participant look-up online


Additional ways we can help:

  • Custom race websites and hosting

  • Custom bib design and printing

  • Race promotion

  • Run On Hudson Valley Sponsorship. Save money on timing and promote your race!


Chip Timing

We use MYLAPS chip timing for the most accurate, real-time timing results possible. Small chips are placed on each runner’s bib which record the precise moment the runner crosses the finish line. Times are recorded instantly. Results are available immediately on-site – they can even be accessed while the event is still in progress.

This option is best for events with over 100+ participants or smaller events where accuracy and quick results are desired.

Net Time vs. Gun Time

Results can be recorded with Gun Time or Net Time. Gun Time assigns the same starting time for every runner. It begins when the starting official starts the race. Every runner’s starting time is the same regardless of when they cross the start line.

Net time provides a unique starting time for each individual runner when they actually cross the starting line. Net time is the most accurate for individual runners while Gun Time is a more practical solution for shorter and smaller races.

Manual Timing

A more budget-conscious option is to eliminate chip bibs and instead manually record individual runner’s time as they cross the finish line.

While this option is more budget-friendly, it doesn’t offer the same benefits as chip timing. Results are not available immediately after the race – it often takes 24 or more hours to generate full results. Net timing is not possible.

Manual timing is very difficult for larger events, with a greater chance of missing runner’s times as they cross the finish line.


We provide these finish line enhancements to your race:

  • A finishing chute leading runners to the finish line
  • Finish line banner
  • Large race clock

Our services include the set-up and breakdown of the finish line area. This is included with all events we time.


Race results are posted on our website within 24 hours of the event, usually the same day.

A link and/or digital file is provided to link to or post results on your race website.


Bib Design & Printing

Take one more item off your to-do list. We can purchase bibs on your behalf – we can even help you design a custom bib for your event.


Race Sponsorship

Save on timing costs. We are partnered with Croton, NY’s running store, Run On Hudson Valley. By allowing Run On Hudson Valley to be a race sponsor and/or display a tent and banners at your event, you can save on timing costs.

Additionally, Run On Hudson Valley will promote your event to their customers through their website, email newsletter, and Facebook page.

Website Design

Add a professional touch to your race promotion. We offer affordable, easy websites for your race. We provide domain registration as well as hosting.

Race Promotion

Get more runners to your event by leveraging the power of social media. We can help you set-up Facebook ads to increase race visibility. We’ll also ensure that your race appears on all the major road race calendars.