“We are the most professional of all professional timers who will professionally time your race in the most professional manner that is professionally possible. Then, we’ll pack it up and go home.”
-Every boring timing company out there, LLC



We’re not just going to show up and print out a list of results and award winners.

We want you to have a kick-ass race

A race that goes off flawlessly. A race that makes runners feel good. The kind of event that people will come back for year after year – WITH THEIR FRIENDS!!

We’re here to make you – the race director, organizer, or person with an idea who’s in way over their head – look good. And who doesn’t want to look good?

Imagine putting on a flawless race. The runners are happy. The volunteers are happy. The sponsors are happy. Your race went off so smoothly, someone should be giving you a gatorade shower.



Putting on a running event is HARD

The to-do list is filled with an abstract agenda of permits, insurance, police, sponsors, race promotion – and your entire reason for putting on this race was because you wanted an event with better food than STALE BAGELS AT THE FINISH LINE!!

And now you are stressing out because you don’t know if you should have 10 or 5 year age category awards!!




And that’s why we can help

We’re not just going to show up, throw some timing mats on the ground, and sit behind a folding table until the race ends. Yes, we’ll ensure every runner’s time is accurately recorded.

But we’ll also create a beautiful finish line. We’ll consult with you on all aspects of your race. We can build a beautiful race website and help you design some kick-ass bibs.

I’ve timed races before. And I’ve had races that timed me!!

I’ve been a race director on big races and small races. I know how hard it is and the sacrifices that must be made. WE ARE NOT IN THIS FOR THE MONEY (except for those folks who put on the Color Run, TM Color Run, Inc. – who are DEFINITELY in it for the $$$). No, we do this because we love it. And we want other people to love it, too.

So are you ready to do this?


Tell us some more about your race here. Don’t be afraid to tell us about what’s giving you the most anxiety. We can help.